What do I rate as the best vibrator ever?

What do I rate as the best vibrator ever?

Because geing naughty is natural

The We-Vibe Salsa has long been regarded as the “best of the best” of clitoral vibrators in the sex toy reviewer and blogger world. It is highly versatile and powerful, and I thought, popular– until We-Vibe discontinued it, leaving masses of people devastated and trying to snatch up the last few remaining Salsas.

What do you buy when you’re used to a we-vibe-Salsa? It is a difficult spot to fill. I’m going to help you find the best vibrator!

Enter the We-Vibe Tango. The Tango has the same patterns and speeds, same small size, and same power, just in a slightly different shape. The Salsa comes to a point, whereas the Tango has a slanted, flat tip, like a lipstick.

Both vibes are so small that the tip, regardless of which one you have, can be used for pinpoint stimulation. Or, if you like more broad stimulation, you can turn it on its side a little bit and use it that way. It’s a great vibrator.

Comparing Vibrators

The Tango, like the Salsa, is highly versatile. It is a great, rumbly clitoral vibrator, fits in the bullet holes for many vibrating dildos and cock rings, and is great for teasing all over the body– nipples, shaft, testicles, around the vaginal opening or around the anus– just be careful around the anus, as this should not be inserted due to the small size and lack of flared base.

I primarily use mine for clitoral stimulation but it also fits perfectly in all the Tantus toys with bullet holes. The deep vibrations travel beautifully through Tantus silicone and are a much better choice than the weak, one speed bullets those toys come equipped with. I think this would also be incredible in a harness with a bullet pocket, though I do not have one like that.

I’m not just all about vibrators though, I also love dildos like the Exotic Erotics Elephant trunk dildo and harder bdsm type stuff like bondage tape. Continue reading “What do I rate as the best vibrator ever?”