8. have 39.1 million supporters on Weibo

8. have 39.1 million supporters on Weibo

Wang Yibo possess over 39.1 million followers on Weibo , and is one of several top couple of Chinese influencers regarding the application alongside Xiao Zhan and Wang Junkai.

9. really loves skateboarding and had his very own skateboarding show

Though Wang Yibo first started studying skateboarding through possible tv series called an additional attempt in 2019, skateboarding has being one of his true most significant interests.

He also founded his own skateboarding vlog known as aˆ? Yibo’s Skateboard class aˆ? in 2019 to talk about guidelines with his enthusiasts. In 2020, he had been appointed as China’s Skateboarding Ambassador and will continue to publish skateboarding photo online till today.

10. Is actually a specialist bike racing

As a guy of numerous abilities and hobbies, Wang Yibo can be noted for getting an expert motorcycle speed. Since 2019, he’s got already been a member of Yamaha China Racing group. He then went on to get involved in the Asia path Skating tournament in 2019 and claimed first place in the novice division.

It’s interesting observe exactly how Yibo’s passions is capable of turning into latest solutions for your – like with skateboarding, he was also designated Asia’s skateboarding advertisement ambassador by Chinese national.

11. he is afraid of spirits while the black

In a behind-the-scenes meeting when it comes down to Untamed with BAZAAR , Yibo unveiled that he’s scared of ghosts plus the darker. Even though you are considering thriller or scary films, he’s afraid of all of them too.

In another interview with Tong Dao Uncle , Yibo discussed that he have a specific system when it comes to sleeping by yourself in rooms in hotels. Continue reading “8. have 39.1 million supporters on Weibo”