Glossary of Chromosome, Gene and DNA Words and you can Terminology

Glossary of Chromosome, Gene and DNA Words and you can Terminology

  • Chromosome: A cell which has protein plus one DNA molecule and this is found in the fresh new nucleus of your own telephone
  • Nucleotides: Might structure that act as the inspiration from each other RNA and you can DNA.
  • DNA: Deoxyribonucleic acid, an effective nucleic acidic, long molecule and you will macromolecule
  • RNA: Ribonucleic acidic, good nucleic acidic, enough time molecule and you may macromolecule
  • Gene: This new an element of the DNA you to encodes information
  • Autosome: A sex chromosome
  • Allosome: Also known as a keen allosomal chromosome or a human anatomy chromosome try a low sex chromosomes although allosomes create donate to sexual devotion for males and you will females.
  • Prokaryotes: An examples of cell without organelles or a good nucleus
  • Eukaryotes: The type of cellphone who has a nucleus that has had genetic point and you can organelles


Only discussed, a good chromosome is actually a cellular one, shows regarding image above, consists of proteins and something DNA molecule that is based in the nucleus of your own phone.

Nucleotides could be the basic muscle you to act as the inspiration out of one another RNA and you may DNA. Nucleotides into the DNA try referred to as A beneficial, C, Grams and you can T that will be linked to each other into the an assortment with hydrogen bonds; it is An effective, C, G and you will T will be the nucleotides containing all of our pointers.

DNA are deoxyribonucleic acidic RNA is actually ribonucleic acidic (RNA); and you may, each other deoxyribonucleic acidic and you can ribonucleic acid was nucleic acids, long particles and macromolecules. Continue reading “Glossary of Chromosome, Gene and DNA Words and you can Terminology”