Best homosexual intercourse roles: just how do gay males have sex?

Best homosexual intercourse roles: just how do gay males have sex?

As whoever’s ever endured gay intercourse, thought about homosexual intercourse or watched gay gender can ascertain you can find countless combos feasible gay gender spots. But where to start? Exactly what feels top? How can you homosexual men have sex?

This guide into the four most available a€“ and we reckon more enjoyable a€“ gay gender positions can help get you started.

Before we get stuck into how-to stick it in, we might constantly condone reliable sex and suggest your study the guide to PrEP, and constantly need condoms whenever having sex.

To begin with, shapes and forms

What works for your needs as well as your partner/s depends on their shape and size. And also for once, we’re not referring to cocks.

If you are a high man and the man you’re making love with is significantly less, you can actually shag in opportunities that a set of beefy fellas won’t find safe.

At the conclusion of a single day it really is about perspectives, different degrees of flexibility being in a position to hold or alter opportunities.

Anal sex jobs

These gay intercourse roles include anal sex spots, but there are some non-penetrative intimate spots at the conclusion as well.

If you’re after a lot more anal intercourse researching, here’s another basic manual for you to need anal intercourse that discusses douching, correspondence, lubricant several other stuff.

Best, bottom part or versatile?

If you should be versatile (therefore encourage everybody are), happy your, you can do both. In a number of homosexual intercourse positions the top leads the experience, plus some underneath requires top honors.

Interested in determining the reason why some dudes tend to be leading and some include bottom? Here’s a scientific study from 2017 that covers it.

Test the gay missionary position initially

This gay intercourse situation may sound boring, but it is perhaps not, we vow. Continue reading “Best homosexual intercourse roles: just how do gay males have sex?”